Zoi Konstantopoulou: “I could never vote for and legalize the content of this agreement”


Foto: To Vima

Del govora predsednice* grškega parlamenta, s katerim je oznanila, da novega varčevalnega paketa ne bo podprla:

The lenders have stubbornly insisted on transforming this NO into a YES, and they have found allies who gleefully collaborate with them in the same Greek parties who are responsible for the Memoranda, in those who benefited from them, in those who created this debt and loaded it on the backs of the people.

This NO of the people transcends all of us and compels us to defend their right to fight for their lives. To wrestle. Not to live a half life or a life on our knees. To be proud of what we bequeath to the next generations and to humanity.

Today the Government is being blackmailed to consent to conditions that do not represent it, that do not come from it, that it is struggling to reverse and prevent. The prime minister spoke with honesty, bravery, boldness and selflessness. He is the youngest of all Greek prime ministers and he has fought as much as any of his predecessors for the democratic and social rights of the people and of the younger generations. He represented and represents our generation, and he gives us hope. I honor him and will always honor him for this stand and this choice.

And at the same time, I consider it my binding responsibility, as president of the parliament, not to close my eyes or to pretend that I do not understand blackmail. I cannot make it easy. I could never vote for and legalize the content of this agreement.

I think the same is true and would apply to the Prime Minister, who is today blackmailed with a weapon threatening the survival of his people. I believe the same applies to the Government and to the parliamentary groups who support it.

I shall undertake my binding responsibility to history by stating “present,” as a “presence” in today’s debate and vote. I believe that in this way I make myself more useful to the people, to the Government and to the prime minister, to future generations and to the European societies, by recording  the actual conditions under which the Greek parliament has been asked to make decisions. And by rejecting blackmail, by invoking Article 1-1-4 of Article 120 of the Constitution.

The Greek people are the second to suffer this form of warfare in the Eurozone, preceded by Cyprus in March 2013. This attempt to impose measures rejected by the people in a referendum, using the blackmail of closed banks and the threat of bankruptcy, constitutes a violent overthrow of the Greek constitution and deprives the parliament of the authority granted to it by the constitution.

Everyone has the right and obligation to resist. No resistance in history was easy. But we undertook the popular vote, and we trust the people on the difficult matters. It is to the difficult matters that we must respond. And we must not fear.

Celoten govor preberite na Analyze Greece. Prvotno objavljeno na spletni strani Left.gr. V angleščino prevedel Nicholas Evangelos Levis.

*Zoi (ali Zoe) Konstantopoulou je članica Sirize.


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